Photography related:

  • Photography by Lu Nelson. This is my own “professional” web site.
  • The Online Photographer.  My favorite photo blog.  They have a very talented and experienced staff.  It has great writing, and a great philosophy that sees past equipment and technology to really drive home the point that the photographer makes the picture.
  • 1001 Noisy Cameras.  The perfect complement to The Online Photographer.  This is my primary way of keeping up with news in the photography industry, and finding links to new lens and camera reviews.
  • The Big Picture.  This blog updates fairly regularly and has a fantastic presentation of curated photos.  The name says it all — they actually use a big enough photo size that details are visible and the impact is brilliant.  It’s mostly photojournalism but occasionally delves into other subjects.


  • Bankruptcy and Breakfast.  This blog chronicles the life of a professional in his mid-20s who had to go through a bankruptcy.  Very eye-opening and engaging.
  • Sarah Makes A List.  Another blog from somebody in their mid-20s trying for self improvement and new experiences.