© 2015 Lu Nelson

Work contest

We had a contest at work to produce photos in three themes. It’s been hard to get out for photography lately, now that I have young kids, but this was enough impetus to finally get me out to take some new images.

The colour orange:
LGN (orange)

I couldn’t think of any nearby orange things that were striking. There were probably some nice pumpkin displays but I decided to go out near sunset instead and see what I could manage. This is from a farm just a couple of miles outside of town.

I used a graduated ND filter in Photoshop to make the land pop a bit more, as well as tweaked contrast/curves quite a bit. You might notice a particular highlight to the end of the road — there’s a circular gradient layer there that makes it just a bit brighter than its surroundings.

Powering the transition:
LGN (power)

I thought this was a nice crossroads of two different kinds of power, and a transition (both the gradient in the sky and the fact that the daylight was going away and moon was showing up). I didn’t end up manipulating this one too much, though I did create an extra layer to apply adjustments to just the sky without changing the rest.

Simple, repeatable, minimal:
LGN (simple)

I had the most trouble with this one, but after seeing my kids’ wooden blocks I thought I could make something work. This one is probably the most heavily manipulated. I have a cheap lightbox that got me most of the way to this photo, but I had some seams/wrinkles to remove, and the contrast between the foreground and background was too low originally. After saturating the wood a bit and blurring some of the details in the background, I was pretty pleased.