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Sad occasion

So I’ve decided to sell my 24L II and my 70-300L to raise some money. It’s for a good cause, to be sure, but it is sad to give up my favorite lens (and one that’s close to a favorite). I do have to grudgingly admit that my 28-135 is pretty good quality, and has IS so is almost as good in low light. And it’s easier to nail focus on, but that’s only because the DoF is comparatively large. Oh well. Maybe in the future, when I’ve made a small fortune through my job, I’ll buy it back.


In other random gear news, the Canon G1X sounds awesome. Someone is finally making a large sensor fixed lens compact with a zoom. I may very well get one. I’m split between it and the Fuji X100 — the Fuji has a faster lens with likely better optics. And it has a better viewfinder. But a zoom can be handy for flexibility considering these aren’t interchangeable lens cameras. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the Canon reviews and decide then. High ISO performance may push the decision one way or the other.


Picture is unrelated — it’s the Christmas photo I took for my family’s Christmas card. But I couldn’t very well post without a photo.