© 2010 Lu Nelson

Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho

I’ve finally gotten past my backlog of commissioned work and am on to processing my personal photos, this time from a road trip I took with my lovely girlfriend at the end of August and beginning of September.  We drove north and west of here, through Omaha, Lincoln, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland, Seattle, Butte, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls.  This will cover the first three days of the trip.

Our first scenic detour was highway 130 in Wyoming, the Snowy Range Scenic Byway.  It included some really beautiful vistas.  Unfortunately the lighting was very subpar due to the time of day.  I still snapped some decent shots around this mountain lake though.

We spent that night, 8/29, with my brother in Salt Lake City.  My nephew had been born just a few weeks prior, and he wanted some infant portraits taken.  I grabbed my 24L and Rokinon 85, along with my 580EX II flash, procured a black blanket, and went to work.  I took several shots within the span of about 5-10 minutes and then it was over.  It was a pretty quick impromptu shoot — I probably could have done better with my full lighting setup, but on the other hand, I may have just wasted a lot of time for the same or worse results.  Here’s my favorite shot.  If I’m being hard on myself, I hate the way his hand covers some of his face, but it’s all right otherwise.

The next day our scenery came courtesy of a very brief stop at Antelope Island State Park by SLC and the Sawtooth scenic byway in the Idaho Rockies.  The Sawtooth byway was very pretty, but a little scary since we nearly ran out of gas along the way.  Oops.  There was a storm rolling in for most of the time (and unfortunately we had to drive through it quite a bit too) which made for some dramatic light along the mountains.

This last shot is from the tail end of the Sawtooth byway (or maybe it had technically ended before then).  It’s at Lucky Peak Dam just east of Boise.  The lighting here was great, as we got there just around sunset.  It was an ISO 800 moment for the grass, but not for the sky.  I put in a Photoshop ND filter to keep the sky from blowing out and to increase contrast throughout the image as a whole.