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Des Moines, IA second day

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, largely because I went on a two week long road trip around Labor Day.  Stay tuned (or stay subscribed) for updates from that trip as I get to editing them.  For now, though, here’s a flash back almost two months to my second day of pictures from Des Moines.

Our first stop of the morning was the Des Moines sculpture garden.  We tried to get up early to beat the oppressive heat of the day.  It kind of worked, but it started getting hot partway through our time at the garden.  Unfortunately I only took one particularly good photo of an actual sculpture.

There were lots of beautiful flowers there in the landscaping.

I played around in Camera Raw to try for a cross-processed look on this shot.  Strong split toning led to this interpretation — very high key but still very detailed in the plane of focus.

After the sculpture garden we went to Reiman Gardens in Ames.  We visited their butterfly house, which was a wonderful opportunity to use my 100L macro.  I took the butterfly shots with that lens and my 580EX II flash with about a -1 or -2 flash exposure compensation setting.

Finally, we left the butterfly house and visited the gardens themselves.  Unfortunately it was the middle of a very bright summer day, so the lighting was extremely poor.  I managed a few good shots but most of them I bothered with are trash.

I can’t remember what this part of the flower is called.  Pistil?  Stamen?  Stigma?  I tried to look it up but they all vary in appearance so much I wasn’t confident enough to name it anything specific.  If anyone knows, please comment below!