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Blog banner and KC cuisine

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me photographically.  Early in the day, my girlfriend wanted me to take pictures of her for her blog and then assemble them into a header image.  Here is the result:

Her blog is at http://hungryvegantraveler.blogspot.com, if anyone is interested in hearing from her or seeing the image in place.

This was a composite of 4 images, all shot in my living room studio with a wrinkly sheet backdrop.  I used a key light with my largest umbrella to camera right, with fill coming from behind and above me in a smaller umbrella.  It’s fairly easy to see the lighting setup from the hotspots in the globe.

I got the best Photoshop workout I’ve had in a while, although to its credit, it was not very much work to combine all those shots.  I processed them the same in camera raw, which was really easy, then used the quick selection tool to pick out just the subject off of the fairly busy background.  The refine edge button was awesome for getting around hair, fingers, or bookmarks.  The most challenging thing was extracting the top cookbook from the background, since the sheet was almost the same color as the front of that book.  Thankfully, even that was not a chore, and I got it done within 25 minutes at most.

After the photo shoot (and before the editing, which actually happened today), we joined a friend of ours for a trip to Kansas City.  We ate at the Malay Cafe, on Barry Road, which was incredible.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  It may have instantly become my favorite restaurant.  I tried three appetizers — the fried sweet potato, chicken satay, and gado-gado — and they were all superb.  I was in a great mood from them when my entree, the royal almond chicken, arrived.  It truly was fit for a king.  It was savory and sweet in just the right amounts, and the sambal I asked for on the side gave it a great spicy kick.  It’s the best Asian dish I’ve ever had at a restaurant, and I go to Asian restaurants a lot.

For dessert, we almost went to Glacé, but the line was huge, so we walked a couple blocks north to Yogurtini.  Their Plaza location had been open less than a month, but they were not as busy.  The yogurt there was great, and the variety of toppings was a lot of fun.  Perhaps best of all, the prices were good too.  I had the white chocolate macadamia nut frozen yogurt, topped with brownie pieces, white chocolate chips, pie crust, and slivered almonds.  It was a fitting end, though it couldn’t quite stack up to the transcendent greatness of the Malay Cafe.