© 2010 Lu Nelson

First day of Des Moines

Some friends and I somewhat randomly decided to visit Des Moines in the middle of last month.  It was extremely hot both days we were there, and the sun was out in strong force throughout the entire day.  Needless to say, photography was difficult in that kind of lighting.  I did manage to get a few nice floral shots and get in some more experimentation with my 24L2.  It’s become a nearly permanent fixture on my camera.  Maybe I’m subconsciously trying to justify the price tag.

Our first stop was by the border, in Lamoni, Iowa.  They had a welcome center attached to a Maid-Rite there.  (Or was it Rite-Aid?)

This last shot was a publicity shot for our Iowa tourism video, which we shot over the course of those two days.  It was my first experiment into video and video editing.  I didn’t direct the video, but I was cameraman for much of it and headed up the editing team.  The video is here, and it’s wonderful.

One from the road, where I got photobombed:

And finally, dinner at Thai Flavors, which was really tasty.

We finished out the night in downtown Des Moines.  We caught a roller derby, where I couldn’t get any good shots with my longest lens (a slow 135 or a medium speed 100, depending on which seemed better at the time).  Then we had some beer at Court Avenue Brewing Company.  The next day of the trip will be published soon!