© 2010 Lu Nelson

Day in Kansas City

On the day of the photo shoot with the Trip Fives, my girlfriend, a friend of ours, and I spent time in Kansas City.  We started out at City Market, but it was a bit too harshly lit and too crowded for me to take any worthwhile photos there.  Afterwards, we ended up at Eden Alley on the plaza, a vegetarian restaurant that we frequent.  As usual, almost all of the food photos are with the 24L2:

We had an appetizer of bread with whipped vegan butter.

My entree was the Mediterranean platter, prominently featuring the falafel above.

This is one of several tests shots before the actual shoot began at Westport Coffee House.

We killed time walking around Westport for a while.  I kind of like the feel of this shot — it reminds me of a still from a music video.

We ended up at The Blue Koi in Westport for dinner.  This was my entree, the firebird.  It’s appropriately named, as it is deliciously hot.

Amanda ordered the tofu with black bean sauce, which was a bit more picturesque because of the colored peppers.

Over all, it was a fun but typical day.  Many more day trips to KC will be featured on this blog, as Amanda and I love to get down there when we can.