© 2010 Lu Nelson

Aunt and Uncle’s House

My cousin from Texas was in town around the Fourth of July weekend, and I took some pictures around my aunt and uncle’s house while we visited with them.  I mostly used my 100L macro for it.  These are just simple snapshots using available lighting.

A dark red lily, shot at wide angle.

A macro shot of the same flower with the 100L.

I found a fly hanging out on one of the paler lilies.

I tried my hand at focus stacking, using multiple exposures to create an image with more depth of field than would otherwise be available.  This was done using Photoshop’s auto-align and auto-blend layers tools.  It isn’t perfect, but it is a decent effect that I’ll probably explore more in the future.

I had to get into a pretty uncomfortable position to put the sunset sky behind this flower, but I liked the similarity in luminosity between the foreground and background here.  The actual photo didn’t end up quite as nice as my vision for it though.

I’ve always loved orange on blue color schemes, and naturally occurring ones are great.