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Mpix — too much of a waste of time

So I went through the trouble of picking out several photos I wanted to have printed as 8x10s during Mpix’s sale, that I previously mentioned.  Well, it turns out that their cropping tool only lets you crop from within an image, so I would have had to manually go into my pictures and place them onto a larger canvas in Photoshop if I didn’t want any of the image cropped out.  That would be a big enough pain in the ass if they were similar sizes, but they were from three different cameras and almost all were different aspect ratios.  I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this shortcoming in their software yet.  I could write software to do it myself, but it’s not worth it just for my own few prints, especially when I can go somewhere else to have them printed.

Just let me print my photos as I created them, Mpix.  Blank space around the image on the print is completely fine.  That’s what matting and cutting is for.  Your behavior is like forcing me to watch pan and scan cropped movies.  I’m not going to pay for that, even if it is on sale.