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Meierhoffer Cemetery and other local miscellany

On July 3, Amanda and I went to the cemetery by Meierhoffer Funeral Home.  We’d been wanting to visit the baby swans for a while.  We ended up finding the swans to be gangly adolescent types, but they were still cute.  Their mother or father, however, was very protective, and kept rushing up to the fence and biting at it to try to scare us off.

This was my first time out with my new 24L II, and I think it performed quite well.  Wide open it will occasionally miss focus, but I’ve read that this is sort of to be expected.  It only seems to affect about 10-20% of shots wide open, if I hurry them.  Once I get more used to it I might be able to find out more common threads when it misfocuses — I’m guessing that using the outer focus points or not being careful with my own movement is causing a lot of the issues.  Thankfully I have the precision focusing screen for my camera, so if I’m not in a big hurry I can pretty easily tell whether it’s in focus or not.

But yes, it did perform quite well.  I fell in love with the perspective, and I love how it blurs backgrounds so well.  The combination of taking in a lot of surroundings, exaggerating close objects, and blurring everything in the background is great.

Above is the rather fancy mausoleum on-site.

A general view of the cemetery.  The lighting was not particularly flattering.

The protective swan parent.

My first exaggerated portrait.  I can see myself having a lot of fun with this.

My aunt Lhieke’s cat.  We ended up at her place (Lhieke’s) for dinner after our outing.

I’m starting to get into food photography a little more, largely because of my girlfriend Amanda’s new blog.  I think that 24mm works great for food.  The dessert above was delicious too.