© 2010 Lu Nelson


I have finally gotten around to setting up a blog for my photography and travel, which generally go hand in hand.  This marks my third blog — one is a simple journal, not intended for public consumption, and the other is a political blog, with enough invective that I don’t want it directly associated with my professional career.  My goals are simple with this blog:

  • To provide more “surface area” to expose my photography.  My main site, as I believe is the case with most photographers, simply acts as my portfolio.  As such, I keep only my best shots on there, and try not to overwhelm with page after page of photos.
  • To provide a more personal experience.  I like to keep my main site’s layout minimalistic, not just because I like it artistically, but primarily because I find navigation and consumption is much easier that way.
  • To make my web presence more dynamic.  As a tie in to the first bullet point, I don’t update my portfolio very often, because a true “best of the best” shot doesn’t come along easily; I do, however, take photographs quite often.  This will provide an outlet for me to not just put more of them up, but to simply put them up more frequently.  Hopefully, this will have the effect of creating and maintaining an audience.

So welcome, dear reader, and I hope you enjoy.  If you’re into RSS (and you really should try it out if you haven’t yet), you can subscribe from the bottom of this page.  If you enjoy photography blogs, allow me to give my highest recommendations to The Online Photographer and The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture.